Samstag, 27. März 2010

We Need Reeinforcment...

...but how do we get it????

This was a big issue. The fact that I cut out base-building, made it necessary to implement some kind of mechanism to reeinforce your army, since you dont have something like a barrack. The first idea was to do it like in Battleforge. You can call in new units nearby your existing army.
But i wanted reeeinforcement to be part of the battle and be part of your strategy and of your oponent. So the result for the moment is a mobile, conquerable reeinforce point.

New units can only be called in nearby this spots. A unit can transport this spot to any point of the map, making it possible to have an army concentration where you need it.
The reeinforce spot belongs to a human player at a certain time. To conquer a reeinforcment spot, you just have to pick it up with one of your units.

The idea is still expandable. I could add some sime delay, so that you can spawn a new unit only every 10 secs or so.

Hopefully this gives some extra strategic depths to the game. Having more reeinforce spots than your enemy gives you more flexibility and more possibilities.

Here´s the video. The reeinforment spot is visualised as a red pyramid with the area of effect beeing a green circle. You can see how a unit transports the point. New units which are nearby such a spot are marked with a red cross and therefore can not be spawned at this position.

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