Freitag, 19. März 2010

Unit Control, Unit Design And The So Called Moneyspots

Well, right after introducing my project I want to let you know the state of it.

I want to keep things simple (for the moment) meaning that there will be only one race: The Ogre.
This has to do with my decision regarding the unit design.

The game wont have predefined Units like a foot soldier, a sniper, a rocket launcher etc. Instead you will have a base unit and equip it with weapons which will then influence the stats of the unit. A Bazooka for example will increase the viewdistance of the units while making them slower because of their weight. Additionally i want to add a basic XP system, so that units learn to be better with a weapon while using it. You will be able to change the weapon of a unit during battle causing the unit to loose all its XP gathered with the old weapon.

Another point which is important to me will be to force the player to be more carefull with his units. This could be achieved by giving the opponent a ressource bonus for every killed unit, or giving the killing unit a big amount of XP. This feature is still a WIP but will definetly be a key feature.

Unit controll

I want to implement a new way of moving around your units: Drawing A Path.
The basic idea behind it is that you dont tell the unit where to go, just by defining the endpoint but instead by telling them exactly which way to go.
Hopefully this will add some new possibilites to the game. I could imagine an efficient attack from three sides where you can exactly tell the units how they should walk around the enemy.

Here is video of my first results in implementing this Path Drawing:

You can see the how easy it is to define a path by just clicking on the unit and draw its way to go. By creating a closed path, the unit will patroul along unti you tell them to stop (the path becomes green when it is closed).

A problem I see with this feature is that in the middle of a battle the player wont be able to draw Pathes for every unit or group efficently. To handle this I want to add a pause mode where the player can stop the actions on battlefield, get an overview and make commands which are then executed.
This idea ist still very new and therefor I´m not sure of every detail of it. Let´s see where this one goes...

The next feature would be the ressource system. I plan to have only one ressource in the game: Money.
To gather it you have to place a Unit inside the Area Of Effect of a so called Moneyspot. The more units you have in there, the more money you get messured in "income by second". The unit standing in this spot won´t be able to attack, which hopefully gives more tactical depth.

Here´s another video showing the Moneyspots:

You can see how the amount of money increases (at the top middle of the screen)

So this is all for now. I will keep posting bigger and smaller updates as I work on the game, and there will be many posts :D
I hav so much ideas for it...

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