Freitag, 19. März 2010

The New Blog


This blog is intended to be a little diary of my work on my RTS game. I will try to keep it up to date with my smaller and bigger updates.

As I stated in the Intro, I want to come up with a small RTS. I love this genre andy played quite a few titles. I just want to try to make a game which has all the features I missed like better unit control, more focus on battle, better and more tactical depth. I also want to cut out things i dont like, e.g. the fast gameplay, basebuilding, too many ressources and therefore a too complicated ressource system.

For this project I use the amazing OGRE Engine for rendering, MyGUI for the UI and the Particle Universe Plugin for some nice particle effects. You can find the links on my Linklist on the right of this blog.

These are just a few facts on the game. I´ve plenty of ideas for the gameplay which mainly are inspirated from other RTS games like Battleforge, Supreme Commander and so on.

Stay tuned and watch out for new posts to come...

Greetz Tou

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